What Is Take Back Ontario?

The mission of Take Back Ontario (TBO) is to restore accountability to our democratic system through education that results in engagement and action. Think of Take Back Ontario as an association of citizens focused on self-defense against governmental tyranny. TBO is not a centralized organization that dictates the thoughts and behaviours of its members, but rather an empowerment platform for distributed, democratic power. Founded by Xander Miller in 2023, Take Back Ontario is inspired by the successes and model of Take Back Alberta, led by David Parker. As such, David Parker serves as a consultant to Take Back Ontario and is often present at online meetings.

What are TBO’s values?

“Truth, discipline and personal responsibility are the wellsprings of freedom. In order to not succumb to the tyranny of centralized government we must have the discipline and strength of character to govern ourselves in a decentralized manner.”
- Xander Miller, founder of Take Back Ontario

Take Back Ontario is not a political party, and is not primarily concerned with public policy. Rather, we are interested in educating and empowering local organizers in order to resuscitate our provincial democracy. The problems we see at the national and provincial levels are not the fault of our democratic system, but the fault of an apathetic and cynical citizenry. We aim to inspire participation in our democracy on a large scale and to enable leaders who believe in the good of democracy, truthful speech and courageous action to come forward. Once elected, we strive to hold those leaders accountable.

Take Back Ontario does not require you to vote in a particular way, especially not against your conscience. It does not require exclusive loyalty; in fact, the more grassroots groups that we connect together, the better.

Take Back Ontario is about reclaiming the provincial government for and by the people, restoring honourable governance, and championing individual freedoms inside a healthy democracy. Consequently, Take Back Ontario is antithetical to the communist and globalist influences in Canada and Ontario. We understand that centralized control structures have centralized weaknesses and tend to generate poverty and servitude.

What kind of people will I find in Take Back Ontario?

Members of Take Back Ontario are volunteers and come from a variety of backgrounds and philosophical positions. Some are religious, some are atheists. Some prioritize economic concerns, some prioritize social concerns. However, they all have in common the courage to work together, speak the truth and fight against tyrannical, centralized control structures that sidestep the will of the people. Many members of TBO value freedom, family, honesty and personal responsibility. They believe that it is worthwhile to protect and nourish the hard-won democracy bequeathed to us by our predecessors. If this sounds like you, join us at signup.takebackontario.ca

What are Take Back Ontario’s typical activities?

We are all about activating and empowering the grassroots of Ontario. Whether it’s a small gathering of like-minded friends in your garage or thousands in a ballroom. Take Back Ontario is a growing voice, speaking truth, for freedom. We aim to create a feedback loop of success and achievement, starting small and local, and building the momentum to be effective at the provincial level.

We do this in the following ways:

Does it cost me anything to belong to TBO?

No, TBO does not charge membership fees or dues and is run by volunteers. There may be in-person events with ticket prices in the future, where ticket revenues will go toward expenses for venues, speakers, etc.. We do have some expenses related to technology, so donations are always appreciated. At this time TBO is not a registered charity, so no tax receipts can be given for donations.